Fuel Tax Credit Rates

Once you have registered for fuel tax credits, its essential to know exactly what rate can be claimed for a particular type of fuel or usage.

The amount of fuel tax credit you can claim per litre of eligible fuel will depend on:

-        how that fuel is used (ie on road or off road)

-        in what type of vehicle it is used (ie truck, excavator, generator, chainsaw etc), and

-        when the eligible fuel was purchased


The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) generally updates the fuel tax credit rates twice a year in February and August based on increased in the consumer price index. That said not every fuel tax credit rate may increase, they may often stay the same.

We recommend that you always check the ATO website for the most up to date rates to ensure you are not underclaiming (or overclaiming) your fuel tax credits.


Current fuel tax credit rates

Here is a listing of the fuel tax credit rates as they currently stand (as at January 2021):


FTC Rates Jan 2021

Fuel tax credit rates for prior years

If you are looking to claim fuel tax credits for prior periods, you are able to do so for a maximum of 4 years after the purchase of the fuel.

Where claiming prior year fuel tax credits, refer to the ATO website for the appropriate rate table relation to your claim period.


Simplified fuel tax credits

You may be able to use simplified methods to keep records and calculate your fuel tax credit claim.

If you claim less than $10,000 in fuel tax credits each year you may use the fuel tax credit rate at the end of the claim period instead of determining the eligible rate on each fuel purchase. You can simply claim use the rate as at the end of the claim period for all eligible litres during the period.


Click here for details in relation to eligibility.

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