Fuel Tax Credits Registration Service Declaration

By submitting this form, I declare that Fuel Tax Assist (ABN 58 645 964 156) is authorised to act as my registered tax agent and submit a Fuel Tax Credits registration application to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) on my behalf.

I understand that Fuel Tax Assist will utilise information supplied by me in this form to apply for a Fuel Tax Credits role (and GST registration if applicable) when requested.

I confirm that I have received the consent of all individuals referred to in this application form, to the submission of their personal information contained in this form to Fuel Tax Assist and to the ATO as necessary to process this application. I verify that the information supplied is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete. I also confirm:

  • I am not disqualified from managing corporations under Section 206B(1) of the Corporations Act 2001.
  • Within the last 5 years I have not been convicted of, or released from prison after being convicted of, and serving a term of imprisonment for, any of the criminal offences referred to in Section 32(1)(c) or (d) of the Business Names Registration Act 2011.
  • The information supplied is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete.
  • I have the TFN, date of birth and name, OR name, address and date of birth for all key people in my business.
  • I can provide evidence that I am entitled to register the ABN for Fuel Tax Credits if requested.
  • To provide true and correct information in my Fuel Tax Credits registration application. Penalties can apply for each false or misleading statement made in an Fuel Tax Credits registration application.

Valid from 01/01/2021 (v1.2)